Adam Lerner

Director and Chief Animator

Animating Museums is headed by Adam Lerner, who is the Director and Chief Animator at MCA Denver. Adam was a curator at the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, an educator at the Denver Art Museum, and the founder of an alternative art space, The Laboratory of Art and Ideas at Belmar, which he ran for five years just before he took over at MCA Denver. He has curated dozens of exhibitions and projects with contemporary artists such as Liam Gillick, Christian Marclay, blah, blah, blah, and also showcased the talents of astrobiologists, shamans, and pigeoneers, among others. A 2011 puff piece in The New York Times stated that Lerner’s work to engage audiences is “reshaping what has become a stale model for a contemporary art museum.” Adam has been a member of United Airlines Premier Silver Mileage Plus program since 2011.

Thadeaous Mighell

Project Administrator and Programs Manager

As Assistant Chief Animator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Vice President of local art nonprofit Birdseed Collective, co-founder of MajorMajor Productions and its subsidiary Unit E Gallery, Thadeaous has dedicated his life to cultivating a creatively vibrant community. He obtained his undergraduate at the University of Colorado in Theatre, Film, and Television and his MA in Arts Development and Program Management at the University of Denver.


Adriana Estrada


Adriana is the Managing Director of Openbox and takes a holistic approach to ensure that Openbox’s vision and long-term goals are implemented in a human-centered way. As an experienced business developer, Adriana enjoys working with clients to help them find the new products, services, and solutions they need to drive business results. She also speaks four languages.

Marquise Stillwell


Marquise is the Founder and Principal of Openbox. As a business designer and developer for more than two decades, he grounds the Openbox vision in strategic planning from the fields of investing, product development, and technology. Marquise also works in creative leadership, teaching with the KaosPilots in Denmark and South Africa to help students learn by doing.

Gary Steuer


At the helm of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, Denver, Gary works to advance innovative practices in art institutions and among other culture providers throughout the state.

Sarah Schultz

Guest Instructor

Sarah was the long time Director of Education and Curator of Public Practice at the Walker Art Center, where, among many other things, she launched Open Field, an experimental platform for social interaction, collective action, and socially-engaged art.

Mark Allen


Artist, educator, and curator, Mark is the founder and executive director of Machine Project, a Los Angeles storefront space and informal educational institution, which host events ranging from scientific talks to group naps.


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