Creative Decisions

March 23rd | Meet the AM Staff

Marquise Stillwell is a creative visionary that lives and works in Manhattan as the Principal of Openbox, and is one of the instructors that the fellows will be working with in Animating Museums. Openbox is a design and innovation studio that creates global impact through human centered design, think along the lines of reimagining an abandoned trolley station as a solar powered community garden. We recently asked Marquise to tell us about his most creative decision:

“I’ve decided to reinvent myself every five years. For me, this is the most creative decision I’ve made to date. It requires me to address who I am and what I do, asks me to meet new people and explain to old friends a “whole new me.” I very intentionally reimagine the people I want to surround myself with and the unexplored places I want to go.

Curiosity drives me, even if it results in failure. I am a combination of all my experiences, my friends and family, my victories and my losses. I believe that we can only truly expand and grow by stretching these experiences and relationships through new vulnerabilities. I willingly admit that I don’t know everything, but I’m daring enough to try anything. I am a collection of all that is possible – but aren’t we all, if only we are courageous enough to strip away preconceived notions and open up to what we don’t yet know.”

– Marquise Stillwell